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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 21, 2015 at 22:51:13 in reply to Comment 113612

Again, they chose the wrong kind of rubber, or something happened.

As you can see, I trust a city to screw up with metal grates (tree dies in 30 years), than to screw up with rubber mats (tree dies in 5 years). Perhaps some city shopper found something labelled "biodegradeable" but there's a huge difference between 1% water-permeable and 50% water-permeable. I couldn't detect any iota of water permeability; maybe the rubber fiber is currently clogged with snowplow dirt over the years, that it's become water impermeable over the years. What matters is the end of the day, making sure the trees has water, one way or another.

So you see, 2 hours of intervention is still needed to protect for tree's life until a permanent solution.

Rubber mats are just a stupid horticultural risk, much like rubber-tire maritime reefs or the common newbie mistake putting a rock garden around a tree trunk (for some trees; this is very bad) or good-intentions-but-has-gotchas such as plastic compost bags, etc. There's always gotchas, and I really do not trust rubber mats for urban trees.

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