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By jason (registered) | Posted August 21, 2015 at 22:24:24 in reply to Comment 113610

see my above post.
We really need to get city hall to build the sidewalks surrounding trees and flower beds with curb cuts that direct rainwater into the planting areas.

The only local examples that I know of are very much worth checking out if this topic interest you (which is sounds like it does):

The new West Harbour GO Station planting areas. Go check out the curb cuts and deep water wells. Also, one of my favourite hidden spots in Hamilton: the courtyard garden area at Good Shepherd Square on King West between Ray and Pearl. Again, rainwater gardens that collect rain, NOT direct the rainwater into the sewer system.

These trees you've noticed above are all not looking very healthy, even the metal grate ones. It's been a dry, sunny summer and it doesn't look like city hall has installed any of the rain water bags or had the watering/maintenance crew along there based on all the weeds and shabby look of things. The ones with metal grates are just getting thick enough trunks where they will start to die in the next few years as the grate squeezes and kills the trunk.

I briefly wrote on this topic here:

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