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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 21, 2015 at 21:44:37

Also, the octagonal cutouts for trees have rubber covers that are currently killing the BartonBIA trees. The octagon cutout in the sidewalk (for tree) at Barton St E and East Ave N has an iron grate in it, and the tree is much healthier and twice as tall.

But the other octagons have rubber covers (was there metal theft on tree grates many years ago?) and the soil under them is bone-dry. Some dead branches on those stunted trees.

Iron grates for pedestrian trees have been around for over 150 years -- for a very good reason: They allow the trees to be naturally watered.

The horticultural idiocy of the impermeable rubber covers needs to to be resolved before the BartonBIA trees completely dies. Even if the rubber stuff was put there after the iron tree grates were stolen (metal thieves?) -- or they were never installed in the first place? A professional horticulturist shook his head over it...

As an interim measure, someone needs to bring scissors to cut out approximately 0.5 meter radius circular openings in the rubber mats choking the BartonBIA sidewalk trees.. This won't be perfect, but this will prevent further tree branch death until money can be raised to reinstall real iron grates around the sidewalk trees (that are hopefully locked down).

Look at how healthy the tree (at Barton and East Ave) with the remaining metal grate is -- it's twice as tall as the other trees. Yet that tree was planted at the same time as the others. It's naturally getting water, thanks to the metal octagonal grate surrounding its trunk. Unlike the others that received impermeable rubber mats.

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