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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 19, 2015 at 00:16:58 in reply to Comment 113478

Depending on the street, this can be a concern. But there are tighter fits in Hamilton -- see Proctor Boulevard. Only ~4.5 meters for both parking and traffic lanes between the median curb and the streetside curb.

This has been the case for almost 100 years, due to narrow width of Model T Fords. People on Proctor Blvd park their modern cars hugging the curb with tires almost touching curb, and fold their side mirrors inwards.

Remarkably, this rare Hamilton example survives to this day at original 1920s lane width specs, median never been removed.

Non-residents visitng this street are forced to crawl out of sheer fear, while street residents expertly swish inches from parked cars. Dooring checks are a fully mandatory habit on this boulevard. Moving truck drivers waves arms in frustration at a specific car parked millimeters too far from the curb, then mount the median curb with furniture rattling inside. Fun bit of an oasis of tameness. Children play merrily. I hope this street never changes.

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