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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 18, 2015 at 14:39:35 in reply to Comment 113473

Parked cars also tend to hug the curb better on narrow parking lanes. I know I do, parking only a couple inches away from the curb.

What we however badly need, is painted markings for street parking spots.

Especially on Main and King. The mere prescence of painted rectangles on the road surface, has a minor car-taming tendancy while also advertising themselves -- few cars park on Main/King even offpeak since many don't want to park on an expressway, and many don't even notice the parking meters as they stare at the road surface keeping up with speed. More parked cars will help businesses and incrementally tame Main/King a little bit before major more-dramatic steps occur as LRT construction approaches closer.

Mere simple painted parking markings is a low-lying apple that appeals to the people-friendly mindset and auto-friendly mindset -- possibly as an interim step for future incremental people-friendly improvements or overhauls. This would be an excellent first step to begin this year, long before bumpouts, construction detours, and 2-way streets. Perhaps this should be be done for Charlton/Herkimer, if possible.

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