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By brendansimons (registered) | Posted August 18, 2015 at 14:27:38

I'm hopeful to hear the city is adjusting its plans to meet resident demands. This could be a good first test of "parking separated bike lanes", giving the city experience with an option between expensive curb-separated lanes (Cannon) and ineffective? painted lanes (Dundurn and everywhere else).

I'm a little concerned about the narrow parking on the right side of the street. This is similar to what they did on Cannon, and it means that people getting out of their car risk "dooring" passing traffic, and getting hit as they exit their cars if they aren't careful. OTOH, being so close to parked cars may force traffic to slow down - a particular problem on Herkimer and Charlton. Have their been any accidents resulting from the narrowing of the parking lane on Cannon?

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