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By We Need GLI (anonymous) | Posted August 18, 2015 at 14:27:19

Important topics. So instead some set out to disprove and others set out to derail with idiotic irrelevant comments.

What I think people should look at is guaranteed livable income.
The research is done and it was even implemented for a bit in Manitoba as a test before a new party was elected and killed it.

GLI would provide a guaranteed minimum income to all Canadians that is at a livable amount. You won't get rich but you will be able to live. This would give people enough for food and shelter and other necessities without the stigma or heavy oversight that current systems have that do not provide enough to survive on let alone live.

People working who made less than the minimum would get the balance given to make it up.

It was shown that this did not shrink the number of workers except among mothers who stayed home with the kids and students who actually did better in school.

It give people dignity, choice and much of the money would return back into the community in which they live as they would have funds to shop and participate in the local economy.

Currently the Greens are the only ones with a version of this on their platform though the NDP and Liberals have made mention of it.

We could reduce so much in emergency care if only we gave people enough to stand on their own. It can give others whose income is precarious, more stability.

It would also help certain field such as art where artists can actually live and produce their work instead of scrambling to make do until their art is sold. Seasonal workers would have an income all year long without weeks of waiting and paperwork etc. to get unemployment.

It works better than a living wage for small businesses because their workers would be looked after without breaking their small margins to pay a livable wage. That's not to say employers should not pay a living wage but that this helps more than one sector and could be the solution for small businesses too.

It can be done all it needs is political will.

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