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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 18, 2015 at 09:36:38 in reply to Comment 113443

There is a new school about to be built near the stadium and some schookids will ride on bike. We need more details on certain sections like the section of Cannon Bike Lane nearest the school. If sharrows near Sherman are involved, then at the very minimum, an intervention is needed for the sake of the children's safety -- even at a minor delay to the Cannon bike lane section between Sherman and Gage -- considering the dangerous Sherman-Cannon intersection.

There is extreme danger approaching the school from the west, crossing Sherman. Sharrows near Sherman would be completely unacceptable to children, for example, considering the confusion/complexity of that intersection. I see kids dangerously going diagonal, and sometimes biking wrong-way (riding eastwards on the westwards bike box east of Sherman).

At your next meeting, please raise this issue of the need for school safety.

The Sherman In Motion group which I now attend (small Sherman Hub community group on transportation issues) is currently interested in the quality of the planned bike infrastructure nearest the new school. They are currently unaware how much/little protection there will be. There's already an invite out to one of the cycle stakeholders to attend the next meeting about proper bike lane protection leading up to the new school.

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