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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 14, 2015 at 11:04:45 in reply to Comment 113409

I could live with LRT on Main. The important thing is we keep both LRT lanes together.

But I believe running LRT on King actually helps force the Main 2-way debate.

Relevant links:

  • Using Main 2-way trial as a detour for King LRT construction (Needing construction detour as a grand excuse for actually doing Main 2-way)

  • A more-popular pedestrian International Village merging with the Gore pedestrian road (Complete the aborted/incomplete Gore revitalization, completely eliminate the "island-in-middle-of-expressway-feel", new dedicated cycle path from Wentworth to James, condo boom in the area (current and future), removal of Gore Park fence for disembarking LRT passengers, Area getting several times more people within 20 years due to B-Line and A-Line having 3-10x more passengers than today's B-Line. Gore Park Station, an LRT interchange point, becomes popular instead of dead. All of this combined, a literal stick of dynamite for massive improvements in popularity of a pedestrian-friendly downtown Hamilton "district" finally competitive to those found in other cities, and also related, helps/supports further major downtown revitalizations)

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