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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 14, 2015 at 09:14:12 in reply to Comment 113406

The throughfare could, potentially be 4 lanes + 2 cycle lanes, with removed parking meters (use payment terminals instead) and possibly relocated poles, for far more space on the sidewalk. Later, if Hamilton stomaches it, the throughfare can be narrowed (as it has been in other cities) to widen sidewalks, etc. But doing that right away would be a difficult pill to swallow, so let's start with the simpler step of turning it 2-way. We need a detour anyway during LRT construction, and there's also the International Village bottleneck -- both really good excuses to do a Main 2-way, at least as a trial.

It all contributes to a chain of events that permits massive improvement in taxpayer base for Hamilton.

Given the huge number of downtown parking lots that can be underground parking garages under skyscrapers or other businesses, there's enough room for Hamilton downtown to double or triple in density even without residential expropriation. To permit this to happen, we need to make the downtown far more people friendly, including LRT, condos, office towers, pedestrians, bikes, businesses, etc. This is soemthing already happening in the 10-20 years.

We haven't even mentioned the waterfront potential, given the city now owns several piers plus possibly more land coming -- a portion of the unused U.S. steel lands are being sold off (even if the mill reactivates by a buyer). Massive amount of new land big enough for a brand new CBD. I haven't even included this in the calculus -- just downtown factors only.

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