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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted August 13, 2015 at 15:29:12 in reply to Comment 113399

That's exactly what I was thinking - either way, we need a track from one of the LRT lines to the garage. So where can we put that track where, in the future, it could be upgraded into a full-service LRT line?

Well obviously, you pick the end-point of the line to extend it. The B-line ends nowhere near the garage, so that's out... but the A-line ends in reasonably close. You could run it along Burlington Street to Wentworth, then head south.

This means theoretically you could add another stop at Victoria if the Victoria office park takes off (the city is in talks for an impressive office park at Victoria and Ferrie). Then if miraculously in some future date where Stelco develops into some massive waterfront metropolis? We've got LRT at Burlington and Wentworth, that's not too far from Gage. Extending it becomes a much smaller transit upgrade, and we're not slowing down the GO trains with an extra Hamilton stop (when you ride the GO, you hate every damned intermediate stop that takes forever).

But it is adding a longer distance to get the train from the Harbour to Wentworth, and it's not a trivial amount.

The city's current plan is about 1.4 km each way.

If the garage must be entered by Birch, then a Burlington -> Birch alignment would be about 3km. That's a lot more track. If the train can come up wentworth, then that's 2.5km.

1 extra km plus the cost of building on Burlington/Wentworth instead of simpler roads like Birch and Sanford. In exchange, you get future-proofing if you want to extend the A-line eastward along the harbourfront.

I don't know enough about rail to know if this is silly or not.

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