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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted August 07, 2015 at 15:40:46 in reply to Comment 113343

"...most of my commutes, especially in winter, is a car commute to Aldershot."

I should probably have surmised that. I suppose, if adding an extra lane to Dundurn (or wherever else) shaves two minutes off your commute, you're for it.

Okay, here's something: you say below you live near King and Sherman. That's gotta be well over five kilometres from the King on-ramp. Why are you driving five kilometres through downtown instead of up Sherman to Burlington, where there is a nearer expressway access?*

Answer: because you can. Because the streets between you and that on-ramp are all designed to carry more cars than necessary through downtown to get to the highway with the least minimal inconvenience (and forget the inconvenience to anyone else). If that fact changes, people's traffic patterns will change. Maybe you and a few other people will get up earlier to catch the Go, and then that ridership will drive more Go service.

Or we can just widen the streets to accommodate all the traffic we can imagine, and more.

*I understand that travelling all the way through the core on King is likely faster with the current configuration, but it doesn't mean that's a good thing to perpetuate.

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