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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 07, 2015 at 14:49:12 in reply to Comment 113312

I'm not talking about a bike lane, but protected better-than-Cannon path, complete with green markings and real curb (not bolt-ons like Cannon). It can be a lower-grade bike path closer to Aberdeen, but we definitely need Dundurn bike connectors between the upcoming Herkimer bike lanes and the existing York bike lanes.

On this topic -- About Locke bike paths vs Dundurn bike paths -- Dundurn is a politically easier access to lovely Locke (and bypasses the expensive-to-solve narrow Locke Street problem from Main-King-railway bridge) without pissing off Locke businesses by taking away their streetside parking. We love to have cycle lanes on directly Locke but look at how narrow Locke becomes at the railroad bridge, and all the way to Main, so obviously, it seems a north-south bike lane probably needs to use Dundurn instead, connecting York all the way to Dundurn Stairs (or end at Aberdeen, as few will bring a bike up/down the stairs -- even with a bike guiderail installed at the edge of the stairs -- which I recommend there be). There is more room on Dundurn for bike lanes from York thru Aberdeen and bike lane protection, so we could put a Cannon-style bike path (with major upgrade to better-than-Cannon during the Main-King section), though the Dundurn bridge is somewhat narrow and might need a compromise solution for a few meters there until the bridge is widened -- but far easier than Locke.

Hopefully (temporary) Dundurn widening ends up not being necessary. But it IS an upcoming automobile-flow problem that will need to be engineered with traffic flow modelling.

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