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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted August 06, 2015 at 18:51:41 in reply to Comment 113302

And I found yet another false claim in the article.

This means that even if they manage to work 35 hours per week for a full year - most employees are part-time - their annual income would be $20,020 before taxes.

Anyone who works 35 hours per week for a full year will be over the 300 hour threshold. It is therefore mathematically impossible for their income to be as low as $20,020.

There are legitimate concerns, which I fully share, about increasing inequality of income and wealth in Canada and around the world. Retail industries are major offenders in terms of exploited and abused workers. But Loblaws is one of the better employers because it is a union shop. Making statements about Loblaws compensation that can be easily proven false is not a good way to go about looking at the very serious issue of increasing inequality of income and wealth in Canada.

Among other things, this inequality of income and wealth, combined with increasing family-hostile and child-hostile corporate and government policies, is a major contributor to Canada's declining birthrate.

I know many young couples where this is absolutely playing itself out in their lives. Call me a fiscal liberal (because I am one!) but I do not believe that a birthrate that has declined to the point of national suicide is good public policy.

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