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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted August 06, 2015 at 16:55:06

One thing that really hasn't been at all clarified is the higher-order pedestrian access to Hunter St. GO Station. I'd be very interested to know what this is supposed to look like and what options are being considered. From the map shown in this article, it looks like pedestrian traffic is supposed to be shunted along MacNab (through the transit hub and accross Main at that spot where busses will be turning in) and then up Hunter. To me Hughson is a much better option for walking --- its a straight 300m from Gore park, it would not require pedestrians to interact with busses turning into MacNab, and it is bookened at one end by Gore Park Trees and at the other end by the admirable facade of the TH&B. facade of the TH&B from Hughson at Gore Park I think it could be a very nice space as a pedestrian promenade or limited-access shared space. And assuming that the LRT doesn't enter MacNab terminal, it would not be any longer of a walk, since transit riders would be getting off at King/MacNab anyways. This would also reduce the amount of foot traffic passing through the transit terminal but not connecting with busses.

It seems like it would make even more sense to have the LRT stop at Gore park (from a pedestrian pov as well as from the pov of connecting to GO service), because it makes the walk 300m to the GO station as opposed to 600m, which would make a big difference in how many people will actually do that transfer regularly.

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