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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 06, 2015 at 15:53:34 in reply to Comment 113309

Again, I agree. I prefer ramp modification. But hypothetically speaking, do you rather the LRT being cancelled? I do not. My vision of just ONE block of ONE extra traffic lane for Dundurn, possibly temporary, is the lesser of evil. It's a very, very surgical compromise affecting only a narrow area, only temporarily, and additional friendliness mitigations are possible.

Dundurn Mall is getting an LRT stop. With really good traffic markings to improve safety and reasonably-rapid-responding pedestrian priority buttons. AND other enhancements that don't exist today.

Some additional reasonable quid pro quos such as bike lanes on the west edge of Dundurn (all the way to Dundurn Stairs). Better-than-cannon-style bike lane protection would be installed in the busy parts near Main/King.

We've got city councillors such as Terry Whitehead (Ward 8) totally against 2-way Main/King (most recently, in my private correspondences -- replied back and fourth 3 cycles in full-screenful emails -- he took the time to write long replies -- before the LRT announcement). We need to find compromises somehow, if no approved funding is found for ramp modification (goodbye LRT). See our problem?

Can you come up with an alternate pot-sweetening temporary solution that (1) doesn't cancel the LRT, and (2) doesn't require ramp modification?

I'm struggling to figure out alternate solutions that the city could swallow, because the city council is swallowing multiple bitter pills simultaneously and tradeoffs may need to occur.

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