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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted August 06, 2015 at 15:45:56 in reply to Comment 113308

That modification you linked to seems more straightforward than I’d have expected, actually, but I’m sure it would still be costly (so would appropriating land enough for a lane and paving it, even if it is “temporary”). If it is prohibitive, we can convert Main east from Dundurn. There would still be no need for an extra northbound lane on Dundurn. North of King, a lane was removed a few years back, and contrary to popular prediction, it has not resulted in traffic chaos. Somehow, people adapted, and still manage to get to the 403 quick enough.

Your Scenario A below sounds pretty bad. There are dual left-turning lanes on Dundurn to King currently, and to accommodate them crossing by people on the west side of the intersection (to the south of which is a major grocery store and retail plaza and to the north of which is a residential neighbourhood) is prohibited. On the east side of Main and Dundurn, crossing is de facto prohibited. I suppose we would need to prohibit people crossing on the north side of your new vision for the Main and Dundurn intersection, to allow for that “easy right turn” for motorists wanting to get to the 403.

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