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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted August 06, 2015 at 15:30:05 in reply to Comment 113304

"A temporary widening of Dundurn at the plaza (leasing parking lot land for an extra traffic lane) efficiently funnels westward cars to the King 403 on-ramp. All of this will demonstrate the long-term viability of a two-way Main."

With all due respect, this is the last thing that the Kirkendall and Strathcona neighbourhoods need. I honestly hadn't given much thought to the possibility that Main and Dundurn and King and Dundurn could become even less walkable, but you’ve thought of a way, and that’s “efficiently funneling” cars from a two-way Main Street down a widened Dundurn to the King on-ramp. I know what “efficiently funneling cars” looks like in Hamilton…

You can find several articles about how terrible these intersections are for people on bike or foot. Adding an extra lane to Dundurn is insanity.

I’ve heard lots of different opinions about how much it would cost to reconfigure the 403 ramps at Main and King. If it’s prohibitive, there’s still no reason not to convert Main to two-way from Dundurn east. That does not suggest we should turn the entirety of Dundurn near Main and King into even more of a glorified highway ramp system than it already is.

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