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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 23, 2015 at 15:40:49

I like nature and swimmable beaches, but this is a good idea.

The Toronto "Sugar Beach" concept of a "no-swimming beach in front of a factory" (that beach in front of Toronto's RedPath sugar factory) would work well as we expand the recreational waterfront eastwards closer to the old U.S. steel lands where the water is not currently desirable to swim in.

Revitalizing eastwards from Sarcoa near the HMCS Haida area, it would be a great vantage point as a free beach parkette, sitting in front of the lake:

  • Sitting with a lake view, feet in beach sand, sitting in Muskoka chair under parasol.

  • Turn your head left, you see fancy revitalizations (including Sarcoa) 500 meters west.

  • Turn your head right, you see Hamilton's classic steelworks about 2-3km away east.

  • Turn your head even further right, you see HMCS Haida behind you.

A nice dividing line between pretty recreational Hamilton and the industrial Hamilton.

Around there, the water isn't really swimmable at this time anyway, so a 'no-swim beach' boardwalk in general area location would work very well. It provides a very different vantage point of Hamilton that feels different from existing beaches. A small patio pub can be installed behind the beach to give ambience & concession variety to the area. It would also increase tourism and revenue for a fancied-up Haida site, along with all the new residences, businesses and establishments that is planned to be built.

The beach would not take up much space, as Sugar Beach is really small. It could be a strip or it could be a pier-corner triangle like Sugar Beach (at the north-east corner, the corner east of Sarcoa). It would not take land away from development, and actually improve ambience in an otherwise industrial-area.

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