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By Still at 4 Hughson (anonymous) | Posted September 28, 2006 at 11:59:13

Maybe downtown is a cheap place to go and hang out for the day? I don't know. That's beside the point.

I simply thought DTG was being unfairly targetted for what after all was probably a fully thought out business decision. Living on the west mountain myself, I'm both 10 minutes from downtown and from the meadowlands. I do enjoy the variety of eateries down here, and it is more convenient for OUR clients and for the banking we have to do....

But it can get a little bit scary downtwon, especially after dark. Besides a few panhandlers and people talking to themselves, and being nearly run over by one of the "scooter-peope", I haven't experienced anything more serious, but can see how knowing a or being the victim of a crime will turn people sour. At night I'd much prefer to drive to and park away from Gore park and King Street in general, such as LoPresti's or LaCantina to Hess village.
Though I'm from Toronto originally, the same problems and proposed solutions abound to Hamilton's downtown, as when I got heer in 1999. Having said that, I do speak highly of the city to others, Hamilton has a lot going for it, and I realize how underrated it is...
All cities have issues with certain areas of their downtowns...

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