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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted July 12, 2015 at 09:53:11

I think you're right Jason. I used to think that sharrows were better than nothing, but my experience since the city started putting them in is that they haven't helped at all. I have emailed the Ward Councillor to find out what is happening in S. Creek. Continuing the bike lanes from Battlefield to the old village seems like a no-brainer. On the east side of the village, it seems like a 3 lane with bike lanes on both sides would be a fair balance. I don't know the traffic stats, but given the frequency of speed traps at King near Green, anecdotally, it seems like a road diet from 4 to 3 lanes would solve both problems. I would also add that it would make the bike lane contiguous from King/Quigley east to King/Hwy 8, but that would make too much sense. Eventually, we could add bike lanes on Hwy 8 past Millen to Dewitt road and connect with the bike lanes in Winona, but now I am just talking crazy.

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