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By jason (registered) | Posted July 10, 2015 at 13:36:31

Very well said. Hamilton BLEW it this year. Momentum from Cannon and the roaring success of Sobi, and we get silence from city hall. Not a single piece of bike infrastructure being installed this year. For years they've delayed the Locke bike lanes from Hunter to King with no explanation. Now delaying Herkimer/Charlton because their design stunk and residents called them on it.

Most cities in 2015 would be using the success of Sobi to announce new protected lanes to start a connected grid. Bay St, Victoria, Fennell, Claremont etc..... We do nothing. We still don't have anywhere in the city that I'm aware of where 2 bike lanes actually connect.

Looks like more citizens groups will have to take the lead from Yes We Cannon. Rally and spend countless hours in front of council and at community events to see any proper bike infrastructure built.

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