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By jason (registered) | Posted June 30, 2015 at 07:54:08

I should have mentioned this in the piece, but one common feature that I loved along the waters edge throughout the waterfront was the lower level composite 'wood' deck walkway right against the water. The large step down from the concrete/cobbled promenades provides an endless seating wall. On the higher concrete level there were also many extremely long concrete slab benches. The 4th Toronto pic illustrates these long benches very clearly.

These two elements not only separate the sandy beach areas, and cobbled promenades from the lower level (which means views of the water aren't blocked while lounging on one of these beaches), but they provide literally constant seating. We've been at Pier 8 before and lamented at the very few wooden benches that are always filled leaving no place to sit and enjoy the water. We took my wifes' father to Pier 8 on Fathers Day for ice cream and had to stand the entire time. He's in his 80's. He loved the view, but I'm sure won't want to go back knowing there is no place to sit.

In Toronto, the benches along Queens Quay were also extremely long and wide allowing for many people to sit on either side at a time. Lots of small details add up to a great experience. Hamilton would be wise to learn these same lessons.

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