Comment 112369

By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted June 19, 2015 at 12:08:49

Advice to Advicer:

-Please show some discretion when posting multiple comments consecutively: comment clutter is its own form of ugly pollution

-Please develop a basic understanding of municipal fiscal realities; asking for Frisbee/disc golf baskets in light of our infrastucture deficit is, at the very least, déclassé, if not ignorant

-Please understand that when you lob sh&$%balls such as your ones re: the 'horrid war recruitment bus ads', you're doing yourself absolutely no favours in terms of furthering any reasonable discussion about anything

-Please develop a basic understanding of the realities of urban development. Your comment ' stores on the ground floor of residential buildings...' lends you absolutely no credence whatsoever. (For the record, grocery store chains do what you're suggesting when the market dictates it, such as the ones in downtown Toronto. Hamilton's market does not suggest this initiative is viable. And because we now have a Nations Food downtown, you're unlikely to see another such store in the downtown within the next twenty years.)

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