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By Missy2013 (registered) - website | Posted June 16, 2015 at 14:29:09 in reply to Comment 111949

We'll see. The fragmentation that you speak of will produce other societal results that we're not fully aware of ...

One abiding concern is the lack of media literacy, let alone basic literacy, especially for those who do not have a 'legacy' of literacy. As a result, 'critical thinking', of the kind that we've inherited, diminishes. This, in turn, I would suggest, will alter the 'quality' of programming that is both produced and consumed.

McLuhan was right in that regard. We, as a species, are increasingly moving away from the printed 'cultured' word into another era dominated by the 'eye' and the 'ear'. Better and more immediate audio, delicious eye candy of the 'novel' and 'new', super-sized everything with ambitious special effects, and faster edits are projecting hyper 'realities' that are very far removed from everyday life - especially for those 2/3rds of humanity without access to the basic commodities - that we take so much for granted.

How all THAT will influence - and shape - the larger spheres of human hope, lust, greed and wonder is still to be considered ... Cagey advertisers and media moguls, (long standing and becoming), will solicit new ways to 'penetrate' our eyes and ears. To be sure, that economy is certainly not going to STOP anytime soon. Thus, too, the very near likelihood, of 'wearable' "media" ...

Clapping devices onto those who dont actively THINK will make it much easier for content "OWNERS" to manipulate others thoughts. It's around us even now. Just listen to people's 'references'.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily have to be a cause for 'worry', yet. But I do believe it behooves us all to be AWARE of the players, the owners, the industry as a whole, and to understand who is profiting, in large and small ways, from our nurtured and cultivated multiple impulses to now 'witness' Life - through our screens.

... You might enjoy this article too. :)

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