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By Fed up (anonymous) | Posted June 05, 2015 at 01:13:34

I don't understand why we can't lower speed limits to 40km/hr and introduce some common sense measures to slow traffic on non arterial roads. Our city government's job is to design a city that works for the people who live in it. They get this in Toronto - try to rat run east west in the old city. You can't do it. You're forced onto an arterial road, which by and large is two way. In a city of 3+ million, kids can safely play street hockey on residential streets. Why can't we have that here? People tear past my house going 70-80 km/hr (my street is not an arterial but is used as a shortcut).
Also, this talk about ambulances is bogus. I work in EMS. Paramedics are well trained and resuscitation (when needed) is started long before patients get to the ER. I would guess a 5 minute delay to ER arrival would have close to no effect on any real patient outcome. A quick search confirms my suspicion. In trauma patients there is no association between time to ER and any patient centered outcome.
This is a talking point I think I've heard Terry Whitehead use.
The roads are a much bigger (and proven) threat to public safety than any theoretical delay in getting to the ER. How many pedestrians have been killed or seriously injured on our roads? We have the second most dangerous roads in the province and interestingly have one of the best EMS response times in the province

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