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By DBC (registered) | Posted June 04, 2015 at 09:09:32

These results are no surprise to anyone who lives in Durand. The fact the city seemed reluctant to part with the data really seems par for the course. With speeds like these being recorded in a residential neighbourhood one would expect some level of enforcement from the Hamilton Police Service. But no. None. Ever. However they do seem to conduct almost daily speed enforcement on the elevated sections of Burlington Street where there are not any pedestrians. Public safety or revenue generation. You decide what motivates their allocation of resources.

I suspect if the speed monitor could have been located further west on Herkimer during morning rush the results would have been even more dramatic. With the absence of northside curb parking, slip turns at Queen; the speeds are jaw dropping in a lot cases.

Parking should be allowed on both curbs all day everyday. Taking away the ability to pass would provide near instant relief from those that think they can blast on through.

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