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By jason (registered) | Posted June 04, 2015 at 08:19:40

not a surprise whatsoever. I've said for years that cars go 80+ every single day on our downtown streets. Nice to have evidence to back it up (not that that'll stop the trolls from trolling).

Contrast our situation with that in Buffalo. A child was killed last week when a car veered off the 198 and hit the boy, sibling and mother walking home from soccer. I've been to Buffalo twice this week on that expressway and they've started installing barriers (long overdue, sadly) and dropped the speed limit to 50km/hr Yes, 50, on an expressway.

Here we won't dream of doing such things, so when people are getting killed on Red Hill the solution is never to slow down drivers, but add more lanes.

Main/King/Queen/Herkimer/Charlton etc... all with dangerous travel speeds on residential/commercial streets, not expressways. Yet city hall could care less 4 decades and counting.....

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