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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted June 04, 2015 at 07:59:53

This situation is insane. And yet not surprising at all.

I live on a residential street in mid-Hamilton between a main arterial road, and what I refer to as a secondary arterial road...and yet drivers regularly speed. I also hear honking at least a few times each day when speed contributes to near-collisions. Another stop-sign would help, but I believe that the speed limit should be 40km/hr. I also believe that this will never happen.

I stand by the notion that the neighbourhoods through which cars travel should be able to contribute to discussions about their road. And by 'contribute', I mean genuinely be part of the decision-making process, not merely paid lip-service to. Mountain Councillors be damned. (When this topic comes up re: downtown roads, they're habitually up in arms about their constituents being 'inconvenienced'.) If we want people to feel pride-of-place, something that leads to more civic engagement, which leads to more fruitful collaboration with City Hall, which leads to increasing the odds towards Hamilton being able to bring its declared vision to fruition, then they need to be empowered, not patronized.

So I salute the DNA and everyone else striving to change our default mindset regarding road speeds. Well done Nicholas, for highlighting this situation.

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