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By Oryx (registered) | Posted May 31, 2015 at 04:24:30 in reply to Comment 111893

Having lived in Hamilton for 5 years, and now living in Halton as well, I feel the LRT system will be a success in the long term. Hamilton has the same population as Calgary who's expanding LRT system has been very successful, has a higher density on average than Calgary and has a far greater surrounding population who might also benefit from it. HSR already has more passengers on buses along the route than Calgary had when they started building their light rail. Yet Hamilton is too small?

As this is money from the province I understand that it can bother people when they see their tax dollars spent in other cities but this happens every day, this is just an easy to point to example of it. You could say that Ontario is so in debt we can't afford it. But how are we ever going to get back on a positive economic footing without strong, vibrant cities?

This project represents a modest system along a highly traveled route in a major economic center in Ontario. I often feel like we've lost the guts to bite the bullet and build these initially high cost long term reward infrastructure projects and it makes me very happy that the Province is investing heavily in public transit across the province, including Hamilton.

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