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By myrcurial (registered) - website | Posted May 29, 2015 at 11:17:20

For a cynicism recharge, just wait for the comments - the apathetic will be out in droves shortly.

For the future - I can't get:

There's a great big beautiful tomorrow Shining at the end of everyday There's a great big beautiful tomorrow And tomorrow's just a dream away

Out of my head.

And in case you haven't been to WDW, I'm pretty sure that it's Ryan sitting in Hamilton's version of the Carousel of Progress.

I can't wait to hear the LRT whistling by the end of my street, fully justifying a comment I made (but can't find) about how we included "proximity to future LRT line" in our purchasing decision for our current home. Added to the fact that I'm near (500m) the eastern terminus of the line, which thanks to the hard work of Sam on the Motel demolition will become a commercial node, I'm more happy to be an Intentional Hamiltonian today than ever before.

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