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By jason (registered) | Posted May 27, 2015 at 09:44:31

I suspect that with this guaranteed $ from the province, much of the worry over this project will disappear. Many were rightly concerned that we would be treated as a second class city, while GTA area cities see the province pay for 100% of their transit projects.

Now with this behind us, the task is much easier to remind everyone of the benefits to our economy and quality of life from such a project. Other Canadian cities with LRT are all expanding the systems as fast as possible. There's a reason for that, and Hamilton residents will be keen to hear about the great boost in economic activity that comes with an LRT system integrated into an improved transit system.

Remember, even with this $ not promised yet, and after 4 years of a mayor intentionally misleading the public on the LRT file, a greater percent of the population stated they were in favour of LRT during the pre-election Forum poll.

Now with good leadership back in the mayors chair, and $1.2 billion committed by the province I suspect that number would be much higher if Forum were to conduct a poll today. And that's without us even ramping up an education campaign on the system.

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