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By beancounter (registered) | Posted August 31, 2007 at 21:35:20

What an excellent example of the "high cost of free parking".

I don't know if it is fair, though, to compare Hamilton to Boston. We would first have to get large sums of money from the feds so that we can have our own "Big Dig" and get a lot of that traffic off our downtown streets.

I don't know if Hamiltonians will flock to downtown if they cannot find a parking space near their destination. Not everyone gets excited about proper street walls and a walkable, vibrant and interesting downtown environment. Can you imagine the people from the far reaches of the mountain taking a slow bus ride to visit the heart of our city?

This sounds a lot like the old chicken and egg question. People need interesting attractions downtown to be enticed to visit there but it is difficult to find investors to create the attractions if there are not many people.

This is where we need people of vision who are willing to make investments to create destinations downtown, to push our city fathers and mothers to improve transit, to keep pointing out again and again that we need to modify our cars before people culture.

Keep "hammering" away at this, RTH. You are doing a great job of showing people that there is a better way.

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