Comment 110469

By mayornot (registered) | Posted March 24, 2015 at 13:22:23 in reply to Comment 110464

I know Don was being sardonic, but I'm not sure whether in your comment, you, Cptlst, think people stopped buying papers because of sad, even silly ideas like Berton Jr.'s, or for some other reason. Some online responses to Berton's column were good, others part of that odd & worse cess-pool that much of the Spec's "permitted" comments are. If you are a right wing crackpot [e.g. Steve from Burlington: commies Islamicists, on & on], good. If you respond harshly to that, we won't see your "name" in the Comments again. [Re his hurray Netanyahu right or wrong, somebody wrote recently that the 'Steve' isn't Jewish. Hurray for small mercies.

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