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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted August 29, 2007 at 15:48:35

The more I learn about modern day farming methods the more barbaric they seem. It would be easy to just blame the farmers. As this article points out, they have to work within this completely impractical and inhumane system.

After moving over from England 12 years ago I tried to give blood but was told I couldn't because of the BSE scare in England (according to the Canadian Blood Services anyone who ate meat in England after 1980 something is at risk of having the disease). BSE was spread through contaminated offal - infected waste meat was fed to other cows. I had no idea that cows were eating other cows! I found that quite disgusting.

Then you see documentaries about antibiotic laden overfed chickens who are so large they can't move... and there's veal - what more do you need to know about that?!

The final straw for me, the moment that made me go veggie for good, was my friend telling me about Toronto's last downtown abattoir on King Street West (I think it's closed now). He told me that the neighbours were complaining about the smell - not the smell of the abattoir, but of the cows and pigs that were *ing themselves as they turned the final corner into the factory. These poor animals instinctively knew what was waiting for them through those gates.

I don't say that everyone should go veggie, but I feel that the whole industry needs to be put under a microscope.

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