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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted March 05, 2015 at 09:58:31 in reply to Comment 109969

"Well, no wonder Chris Murray was so quiet at the Useful Knowledge LRT presentation."

Well, lots of us were quiet during the event. For starters, Mr. Seiling had a seemingly bottomless cache of information, of anecdotes, of observations over the life of Waterloo's LRT adventure. (In fact, no slight intended to the other two panelists present on the stage after his presentation, he could have been answering questions for another hour, solo.) As well, audience members were asked to keep their comments/questions brief. Further, there were all kinds of people in the audience who remained 'quiet' who could have provided input, but chose not to. I'd tend to offer Mr. Murray some thanks for showing up...but maybe I'm a little more generous than most. (It's a little sad that when someone like him shows up but is quiet, it's seen as a negative. And if they don't show up, it's seen as a negative.)

Frankly, there were some questions that deserved to be asked but weren't (I'm speaking of myself here), because the tone of the room really was, as was pointed out, a 'choir being preached to', and so my sense was that it would be seen as somewhat déclassé to have asked them. And so I too, remained quiet.

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