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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted August 27, 2007 at 14:09:13

No. Let's start by enforcing the users who cause the most damage to the most people: private automobile drivers. I'm very sorry but your argment doesn't make logical sense. Cycling is statistically one of the safest ways to travel. Cyclists aren't killing themselves. Cyclists aren't killing others. Being a cyclist is safer than being a driver. Being a cyclist is safer then being a pedestrian. Most cyclists already act according to the "new rules" that I've proposed yet cycling remains safe. So let's make these safe cyclists legal and start punishing the drivers who are actually causing harm to others both directly and indirectly. You are advocating MORE limits on the roads' safest users. Why?

I'm not entirely sure what plan you have in mind, but it sounds like you want to start by licensing cyclists (and imposing helmet laws which have a questionable effect on cyclist safety), and follow up by waiting around until road users start to obey existing laws by their own accord. Then finally when that happens (i.e. never), revisit the rules and change as necessary. Correct me if I'm wrong. If this is your plan, I think it's kind of useless. How do you propose we "eduacte" drivers in a way that ensures they pay attention? We already have signs telling them to obey the speed limits and signal their intentions and they are clearly doing nothing.

I say: increase enforcement for the most dangerous users. Even a sliding scale based on vehicle weight would be awesome. Ability to cause damage to others increases with vehicle mass, so going 20 over in an Echo could earn you a $200 tiket. In an Escalade, $500. And in a big rig, $1000.

At the same time, relax restrictions on less damaging modes of transport: namely walking and biking.

These two measures would result in motorists taking fewer risks copled with more peole choosing the safer modes (since they are made more convenient). For every person riding to work, it's oneless dangerous car. This is the way to make roads safer. Licensing cyclists is not going to reduce vehicular deaths. Waiting for people to start paying attention to current rules won't either.

Though maybe I'm missing something in your argument...?

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