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By mayornot (registered) | Posted March 03, 2015 at 15:52:10

Correction to someone's post re Sam: It happens that Sam M converted to the NDP in 2004, not 2003. He got real mad at the Liberals at the time of Liberal nomination for candidate to run in the Hamilton East Spring 2004 provncl by-election to replace Dom Agostino, who'd died. Dom's brother Ralph was annointed as Lib candidate. He was deep under water right away and got whomped. Life long Liberals voted en masse for Andrea H., NDP--landslide. The voter turnout for that by-election was better than for some ridings in general elections. Sam came out in support of Andrea--but he may have had a variety of axes to grind with the local Liberals. Let's check old Spec stories/columns; or let's just ask Sam! At best, he was at least publicly making a show of an ostensible break with the then-mayor Di Ianni--who is a flexible Liberal, about whom many long-time Libs in town said, in Fall 2003, in astonishment, "Larry who?!? running for what?!?" No, really, they did. And then he was charged & convicted on money stuff, breaking Ont Municipal Elections Act, and he wrote an essay instead of going to jail--sort of like Beaver Cleaver. And now Sam is Ward 4 for life.

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