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By jason (registered) | Posted March 03, 2015 at 10:59:05

Also worth noting that the city is about to spend millions widening Rymal Road and Garth Street to 5 full car lanes. That is a daily capacity of 50,000 cars.

Current volumes are 10,000 cars per day. Where is the same standard of not building infrastructure until volume warrants it? This road project happens to be in Whiteheads ward...the most vocal opponent of building LRT until our ridership numbers on buses are insanely high.

The city staff report recommending the 5-lane Rymal/Garth project predicts that car traffic will increase to 25,000 per day by 2030. 25,000 cars/day can be handled by a 3-lane cross section (1 lane each way, full centre turning lane).

So, with LRT council and staff say we can't build it until we have LRT-type ridership numbers on buses, yet for road projects, they are going to build roadways 5x wider than currently needed, and 2x wider than need in 2030 IF volumes increase as predicted.

EDIT: page 30 for traffic data:

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