Comment 109870

By jason (registered) | Posted March 03, 2015 at 10:54:57 in reply to Comment 109869

Hamilton councillors have sat around for decades and watched all sorts of ribbon-cuttings and economic growth surge all around us and have yet shown any desire to bring some of the success here. They won't start caring in 2018.

bikehounds comment above is bang on, and I've been saying this the past couple years. The so-called 'condo boom' (what, 5-6 buildings??) will dry up quickly due to the 5-lane expressways, lack of transit, lack of cycling and lack of ability to do something as basic as walk around without feeling like you're on the shoulder of the 401. Treeless, narrow sidewalks next to roaring traffic is NOT conducive to urban development.

Anyone hoping for council to magically start caring should probably consider leaving now before you're too entrenched in a family/career.

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