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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted March 03, 2015 at 10:30:58

This pro-bus anti-urban, anti-LRT position will most likely fade away in the period between 2017-2022 when many of the LRT Lines start opening up in the surrounding municipalities like Waterloo, Mississauga-Brampton, Toronto and Ottawa. I have spoke to few of my planner friends who ended up working in the London Ontario area and they were considering BRT for their city but, many area planners and even some local politicians are now thinking of going directly to LRT instead, especially since Waterloo actually started construction of their system. The logic being that, if Waterloo Region can do it, why not us?

Even the most anti-transit councilor in Hamilton is probably starting to realize that, turning down free money from an upper level of government is a very bad idea, for many reasons. This is probably why provincial funding is being mentioned as part of their $302 Million Transit capital spending plan. The scary part is that, the province just might say, "that's fine, we only have to spend $200 million instead of $811 million on Hamilton, that's really great news!"

However, if that does happen you only have to mention that fact, at the next municipal election in 2018. I am quite sure with ribbon cutting ceremonies for LRT Lines being planned all over the Province, it will be quite the time to remind your council of their past errors. The lack of a good local ribbon cutting ceremony is a nasty reminder of failure to a local politician especially, if it is on an opponents political election poster.

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