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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted March 02, 2015 at 12:27:24

I'm not sure what the main issue here is.

Is it that Councillor Ferguson did something that was foolish, a rash physical reaction to a journalist?

Is it that Councillor Ferguson apologized to the journalist, the apology was accepted, end of story...except that it ain't?

Is it that Mr. Basse has a history of 'questionable' assessments, some of them based on very little investigation?

Is it that (because of illness, because of personal reasons) Mr. Basse's turnround time for each investigation is deplorable?

Is it that Mr. Basse's salary, given what's being supplied by him, is questionable?

Is it that incidents such as what we're seeing unfold by way of Councillor Merula's motion reveal tons about City Hall, not much of which is the stuff of which we can be proud?

Regardless of the answers to the questions I've posed, my belief is that these incidents turbo-charge Hamiltonians' lack of confidence in what goes on at 71 Main Street West. No matter how trivial the interlude. That is, we're living in a pretty toxic environment, even if we've become inured to it.

Sad, really, especially when, as Graham Crawford has suggested, you frame every motion, every vote, every decision according to Hamilton's vision. Clearly, this episode doesn't qualify as holding true to that vision.

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