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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted February 23, 2015 at 11:00:44

This former ward 8 resident who lived near and shopped at Westcliffe, had trouble boarding a bus to get home from work; it was already full of students and GO commuters when it left downtown. I do share the concern in this letter.

Terry has already decided who the "transit activists" are, so the difference in worldview is going to be very difficult to break through. That said, insulting Terry is not the way to succeed. But he and these Ford Nation types in general may only get more cruel, as the Detroit model, which Hamilton has explicitly stated it is to emulate, implodes on itself and there is just no tax money to do what is needed. Solutions get attacked as waste. There is an example in nature of something devouring itself in this fashion - cancer - it is not enough to exist, it must deny the other organs their sustenance as well, finally to the death (or radical shock treatment) to the host.

So it is very troubling that transit advocates who had genuine problems using the system, and for that reason have to finally say something, are being flushed away as "hijacking activists". And the more you address it, the more the people who are supposed to fix it play the victim.

I had to leave because commuting from there was untenable by any method. I guess the ward is self selecting for the suburban drive everywhere types. And there is nothing wrong with that. Downtown too should be allowed to develop appropriately to its vision, and not be trampled underfoot to only be an around the clock bypass for the highway.

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