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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted February 22, 2015 at 10:37:19

It's surprising how quickly and cheaply you can add carrying capacity to any bike. Here's my old hybrid with two collapsing wire baskets (about $15 each from Pierik's in Westdale) attached to a rat-trap rack (about $15 from Canadian Tire in Dundas).

BIke with collapsed wire baskets

The mess of straps on the rack was for holding my briefcase.

Opened up, each basket holds two full-but-not-stuffed cloth Fortino's shopping bags, or two six packs. Or one large Yorkie.

Yorkie going for a ride

My next bike, a Dutch city bike with a front rack and sturdy rear rack, expanded the possibilities - I could take two propane tanks to Canadian Tire for refills, for example (the second would be bungeed to the rear rack). And dropping my vinyl panniers ($40 from Bike Hounds) on the rear rack would have allowed me to pick up the hamburgers, buns, and some beer on the same trip.

Bike with propane tank

Here are the panniers I mentioned above: cheap, sturdy, capacious, and easy to take on and off:

Basil panniers

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