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By redmike (registered) | Posted February 17, 2015 at 23:51:25 in reply to Comment 109253

my feelings: you pay property tax in hamilton, you pay the same levies. police, fire, ambulance AND transit WERE area rated. everything else is equaled out now, even though different parts of the city rely on different services at different levels. recent news: flimflamborough residents currently have longer wait times for paramedics than urban wards by a significant factor, seven minutes longer for instance last year. flimflamborough residents cry foul and unfair. but look where half of them live! they CHOOSE to live an hour from civilization but they want the same response times as my family that CHOOSE to live within walking distance of a hospital (and firehall and school and police station and work add go transit and hsr) the idea was floated that since flimflamborough residents CHOOSE to live in such an isolated area that maybe they ahould pay more for paramedics. sounds fair. but no. the councillor and public opinion in flimflamborough is that there should be a ACROSS THE CITY tax increase to lower response times in thier area. got that? all of a sudden flimflamborough is a part of "the city" what city? hamilton? i dont think so. flimflamborough wants to continue the free ride on transit they can pay for thier own paramedics.

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