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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted February 16, 2015 at 16:03:01

Glanbrook used to be Glanford (west part) and Binbrook (east) a long time ago. I think the townships were brought together to create "Glanbrook" when Hamilton-Wentworth region was created in the early '70s. But Binbrook retained its own identity because of the village at Hwy 56 and Binbrook Rd., which has gotten larger with more recent housing developments there.

I grew up in the "East End" but toward the escarpment not far east of Red Hill Valley - even back then (1970s-80s) there were very fuzzy definitions of what constituted the east end and to some my neighourhood wasn't really in it. The dividing line for Stoney Creek always differed depending who was telling you about it.

Westdale for me was always the original "planned community" - roughly west of Longwood to McMaster, north of Main... but my mental map didn't include the neighbourhood north of King to Princess Point.

To me, downtown was always Queen to Wellington or so, and north of Cannon south to Charlton or the escarpment, but its definition does vary depending who you talk to. Some people include more of the lower city when they refer to it; some may even mean the whole lower city from 403 to the east end.

Flamborough is such a huge area... I tend to use the community names too when talking about specific parts.

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