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By Noted (anonymous) | Posted February 16, 2015 at 15:39:45 in reply to Comment 109200

Beverley Township?

"It is our intention to divide our work into six letters, namely, Sheffield, Clyde, Kirkwall, Rockton, Copetown and Troy, each settlement by itself, and in doing so we may at times have to retrace our steps in order to pick up some important event that I may have passed unnoticed, and I have done my best to get all accessible information, and get it as accurately as possible....

IN taking up the Copetown letter I find that it will be necessary to divide it into three sections, Copetown proper, Orkney, and Lynden, taking each section or settlement by itself, and in driving over this section in search of information upon this almost lost subject, I find that it is not an exception to the other parts of the Township, for I think sometimes that it is like hunting up the dying to hear about the dead, and only for the commendable efforts that are being made in every part of the Township to bring to the front every possible link that connects the past with the present, my task would be more difficult than it is, a knowledge which, if not obtained very soon, must go into oblivion, for here as in other places the ship is nearly loaded ; and the man has got his hand on the bell-rope to give the last call ; they are spreading her sails; every banner and pennant is flying, and they are awaiting the command of the Captain to cut her away from her moorings." – John A. Cornell, 1889

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