Comment 109189

By jason (registered) | Posted February 15, 2015 at 16:00:43 in reply to Comment 109188

will be interesting to see if these current cultural trends among the tech-savy Mellennials continues. They'd rather let someone else drive them so they can work or socialize on their mobile devices.

There will always be a decent demand for personal auto use, but we should make the other options as appealing as possible, not as horrid as possible.

Hamilton's leaders aren't leaders at all and have zero credentials making vital decisions that affect our future. They don't even understand things as simple and basic as this, and it's impacts on the tax-base and ever increasing infrastructure deficit.

I love the title: Basic Urban Math. In Hamilton we take away the one lane for all the transit riders and give it to 4 more single occupancy drivers....then the same geniuses at city hall who make these decisions whine and cry about our infrastructure deficit.

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