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By trey (registered) | Posted August 22, 2007 at 10:18:55

Can someone recommend an anger management class for this person?

..........cyclists should take more caution? what he means is not drive on the road at all, so he has more room to speed and act reckless. A bicycle or a pedestrian will always loose in a collision with a motor vehicle. It is this reason why pedestrians and cyclists ALWAYS have the right of way.

Half the accidents are caused by Civics? of course he has stats to back that up. But more bothersome is that he's glad they die in the accidents.?? And the ignorant racism shows as well. My Honda was built in Ontario, and GM is building in China, automotive companies' nationality is not relevant anymore.

I'm glad this person lives in the country 'in the great USA' and not in Hamilton Canada. Obviously he has a problem with fellow human beings. Self imposed solitude is probably a good idea for someone who shows such disregard for other people. His attitude is exactly why the Great USA will collapse.

Peace and Love.... and sandals and tree hugging.

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