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By charlesball (registered) | Posted February 13, 2015 at 11:02:23

These are timeless debates. Why should I pay for the Skydome if I never go there? Why should I pay for highways if I never drive on them? Why should I pay for education when I have no children?

To me the distinction created at amalgamation was done to assuage the naysayers. But it is a done deal and you are either in or you are out. All mil rates should be the same.

I live downtown and my taxes have gone up by 500% since 1991. It is utter nonsense that other people in the same city I live in pay taxes at a different rate. If they won't pay their fair share then put up tolls. (The high downtown rates are an anchor against development and a constant driving force for people moving out of the downtown not in.)

To me this has nothing to do with whether or not we expand transit. This is a fundamental democratic issue.

(Maybe a solution is to triple the size of the airport and make new runways with the jets flying over Ancaster or better yet an outright ban on any residential development outside the former city limits.)

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